Friday, April 2, 2010


Passover began last Monday at sundown. DH was raised Jewish, and gets excited about seasonal foods and traditions around this time of year. He loves matzoh and we usually get a 5 lb (yes that's FIVE pound) bundles of Streit's every year. All of the local grocery stores have crazy specials, like spend $25, get FIVE pounds of matzoh free.

We celebrate Passover with his family on the day before Easter, then Easter with my family. It's a trip (Kosher Saturday, Italian Pork Fest Sunday) but that's our multi culti life.

Since Passover is also the first full moon after the vernal equinox, celebration is in order. We usually have a simple dinner at home, that gives a nod to Jewish traditions, and avoid leavened products for the week. It's a challenge to try new things, and incorporate our own habits and favorite meals. On Monday, I made Cabbage Borscht with Beef and Matzoh Balls. On the second night we had Matzoh Crusted Chicken Cutlets with Butternut squash. Both nights we had Seder Plate Salad (my creation of romaine, parsley, apples, walnuts, hardboiled egg and horseradish dressing).

Last night we had Matzoh Lasagna. It sounds weird, but when you consider no boil lasagna noodles, it makes sense. It was delicious, was easy, and we will definitely make it again.

Matzoh Lasagna
4 matzoh
1 jar of marinara sauce (we used Trader Joe's Tomato and Basil)
16 oz of ricotta
1 egg
3 T pesto (used Bill's homemade)
8 oz shredded mozzarella (Haolam Kosher for Passover)
grated pecorino romano to taste (Haolam Kosher for Passover)
black pepper

Set oven to 350 degrees. Spray an 8" square baking dish with non stick spray. Mix 1 egg, pesto and ricotta until well combined. Cover bottom of baking dish with some sauce, top with 1 matzoh, 1/3 of ricotta, 1/4 of mozzarella, some romano, a sprinkle of black pepper and a bit more sauce. Repeat layering 2x more, then finish with 1 matzoh, the remaining sauce, mozzarella, romano and black pepper. Bake x40 minutes, turn off the oven, and go watch the sun set. When you return, remove the lasagna from the oven and serve.

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