Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer is flying by

This week's CSA share
Beets with greens
Chinese cabbage (1 head)
Cucumbers (1 regular and 2 Asian long)
Italian frying pepper
Peaches (3 lbs)
Red leaf lettuce
Spring onions

ROT REPORT: 2 casualties
This evening, I discovered 2 cucumbers that didn't get used in time. I failed them. They were going slime/mush/mucky, so they were tossed.

I've actually been doing very well compared to past seasons. At this point, when it seems like I'm getting behind, I try to preserve something. So far the fridge contains (shelf life in brackets)

Broccoli with garlic, lemon juice, raisins and toasted pine nuts (up to a week)
Kimchee (up to 2 months)
Pickled Daikon sushi condiment (indefinitely)
Chopped, cooked red chard- 1 qt freezer bag full (up to 6 months)

So tonight, I will chop some cucumbers for a salad

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