Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Antipasto Bento Dinner and Teriyaki Chicken Balls lunch

Last night I was pretty beat. In the morning, I threw this together in the rice cooker.

No Think Lunch
8 Aidell's teriyaki chicken meatballs (costco)
1 C sushi rice
1 1/4 C water
pinch of salt
Spicy Radish Leaf Furikake (made last week, all CSA)
Kohrabi & Bok Choy Slaw (made last week, all CSA)
Cherries (CSA)

Chuck frozen meatballs in rice cooker (preferably touching the pan), add rice, salt and water around the balls, flick the switch and go back to bed. An hour later, jump out of bed, pack rice and meatballs in 2 lunch boxes, add slaw and a couple of tablespoons of radish furikake. Pack cherries in 2 other containers.

Antipasto Bento Dinner
Ok, I really should have taken a picture of this. Since I didnt, imagine this: a black bento box (think lunch at sushi palace) packed with caprese salad, carrot sticks and radishes, olive salad, pickled beet salad, and fresh cherries. I put it together after work, but BB and I were to tired to eat. So we had it for tonights dinner. Most of the items were not from the CSA (indicated by /).

/Homemade Pickled Beet salad (beets, onions, vinegar)
/Caprese (tomato, smoked mozzarella, basil)
/carrot sticks
/olive salad (straight from the bottle)
Red Radish halves

Dish & Bitch
rice cooker pot and lid
rice paddle
2 larger lunch containers
2 smaller containers (for cherries)
2 forks

Cutting board
2 spoons
2 bento boxes with lids
2 glasses for seltzer
2 forks

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