Sunday, May 17, 2015

English Muffins Take 2

The first batch was tasty but tiny. Good for tea sandwiches, and delicious with butter and jam. I wanted larger standard sized muffins for breakfast, and to use in the breakfast sandwich maker (I will review it in a future post) that has become a favorite tool.

I used a pint sized glass to cut the dough. It was a bit sticky, but the right size. Here are the semolina dusted rounds ready for final rise.

My ancient cast iron griddle:

Starting to puff up. 

5 minutes later, flip.  

Cooling.  Side two only takes 3 minutes. 

The small muffin is from the first batch, for comparison. Yield for the first batch (using 2" cookie cutter): 14. Second batch (pint glass- 3"):  9. 

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